• Camille Graves

Scented Candle Therapy...don't knock it 'til you've tried it!

Isn't it amazing how scent has the ability to change your mood! Aromatherapy has been used for centuries for its healing benefits and stimulation of the body through smell. R & R Home Essentials products are no different!

From helping you access deep rooted memories to calming and anxiety reducing effects, aromatherapy takes your senses on a journey, and the benefits are endless. Enhance your daily meditations with your favorite fragrance to increase concentration. Need to relax your mind and body, use lavender. Looking to increase clarity, use lemon or peppermint. Check out our list below for common ailments and solutions.

Amber- balance emotions and energy

Apple- helps controls anxiety

Cinnamon- provides refreshing feeling

Coastal Salt- aids in respiratory health

Eucalyptus- relieve mental exhaustion

Jasmine- helps body to unwind

Lavender- induce feelings of calm

Lemon- feel energized

Sandalwood- relaxes body

Vanilla- incites feelings of joy

Our Home Essentials brand was created after researching the smells that our customers on the cleaning side of R & R enjoyed the most. We paired that knowledge with essential oils that that range from boosting creativity to relaxing your mind to help you create your ultimate Happy Place. Nothing is better than having peace in your home.


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